Hey Guys,


we are Anna and Linda,

we're best friends and inseparable since 8 years. We're studying business law and business administration.

We travel the world together, go shopping like crazy, love every kind of food and are never tired of each other.

 One day, Anna's dad was asking us: "What do you really wanna do with your life?"

Dad's question was the decisive vote to think about life in a different way and the beginning of realizing our dreams into plans. Before that our dreams were clouded by the stress and worry about every day life and we thought about not having enough time and our dreams seemed out of reach. To the question - why aren't you creating the life, that you dreamed of?

- we had no answer, so we just started.


Three years ago, after finishing high school, we've been to Australia. Our journey started without a plan and a lot of insecurity, worries and fear. During this adventure people there have taught us, to live day by day and don't stress about tomorrow, to take life easy and that everything will be okay in the end. It was a pleasure to meet so many inspirational people with different stories and visions. We fell in love with this country and learned a lot about life.


We both have been sharing our passion for fashion for a long time. We always had a clear idea of style and about what it should look and feel like and what it should stand for.


So starting our own business was the key step to create the pieces that we love to wear.


... so the brand no worries was born.


We're really excited about life and full of ideas. So feel welcome to join our journey of realizing our own fashion style and doing the things we really wanna do.




Anna & Linda